Enjoy 40 acres of private land for your own intimate celebration.  Take advantage of two separate pads for your dinner, dance, or ceremony.  Enjoy the silence and seclusion just a few minutes from McCall, but seemingly a world away.


Nothing beats nature’s grandeur.  At The Retreat there’s a stunning view up to Jug Mountain’s 8,310-foot peak.  The sunsets are breathtaking and the backdrop of forested hills in all directions leaves one in awe.  Your pictures here won’t need any photoshopping to look absolutely stunning.


Wander through the forest for miles in any direction.  Take in the ancient trees, experience the wildlife, and listen to Boulder Creek as it meanders past.  Feel the fresh mountain breeze on your skin.  There are no buildings in sight–only meadows, mountains, and wilderness.







1400 Boulder Lake Road, McCall, ID 83638